Through fashion and art, the Anne Fontaine aims to protect forests and to be actively involved in reforestation. Projects are concentrated in the Brazilian Atlantic forest, also known as the Mata Atlantica. They team up local farmers with tree nurseries, thereby giving them extra income and helping to train a more qualified workforce.

The Mata Atlantica is one of the most biodiverse forests on earth, but it is also one of the most threatened. The Foundation’s ambition is to fight against everything that is not inevitable; the destruction of the forest is not irreversible.

The Eco Bag, designed by Anne Fontaine, is a recyclable bag made partly from recycled plastic bottles. It contributes to funding the Foundation’s reforestation projects. Purchasing an EcoBag helps to support the Foundation and at the same time to decrease the use of plastic bags.

Chic and devoid of ostentation, she loves to construct a unique look with a diversity of pieces to accompany the white shirt, the Maison’s reinterpreted flagship piece.


Anne Fontaine Foundation